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Need to send gift to family or friend across the ocean ?
Looking for hassle-free international package shipping services from Inverness, Florida to Europe? Look no further! Our company, based in Inverness, Florida, specializes in shipping personal packages to Europe, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience for all your shipping needs.

Our Services

Want to buy something from the USA seller, but they do not ship to Europe ? 

No problem. 

We are here to help. Let us know, order item do be delivered to us, and we will ship it to You.

We can group items from different stores into one parcel for You, and ship them via Express Plane or Economic Ship option.

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Want to sent something to your friends or family in Europe ?

But there is no good shipping option near you ?

No Problem !

We got you.

Order item directly to us and we will send it on your behalf.

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Ship package to Europe Via Plane

Ship via plane

Faster delivery times. Delivery time 10-17 days, from drop off date

Ship package to Europe via Ship

Ship via ship

Delivery time 4 - 6 weeks from drop off date.

Why Choose Us

Shipping Options To Fit Your Needs.

Pick our Express option when you need it there fast or save big by choosing Economy.

Free Insurance, just in case.

$100 worth is included with every package.

24/7 Parcel Tracking

Real time detailed tracking every step of the way.

Home pick up service available.

Save time and experience total convenience.

EuroShip Express

Professional handling and delivery right to the door. Our mission is to provide reliable and on-time service to our customers at affordable and competitive prices.

Need to send package to family or friend in Europe?

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